Ryan Woodgate

Economist. Researcher. Lecturer.

My research mostly consists of macroeconomic modelling and econometric analysis of key modern issues and topics such as…

  • Globalisation, offshoring, profit shifting, and multinational production
  • Intergovernmental policy (e.g. tax) competition 
  • Sustainabilty of public finances
  • Distribution and growth
  • FDI-led growth models

and has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals including The Review of Keynesian Economics, Metroeconomica, The Review of Evolutionary Political Economy, and The Journal of Post Keynesian Economics.


Young Researcher Prize 2023, German Keynes Society

Top cited article 2020-21, Metroeconomica

Top downloaded article 2019-20, Metroeconomica

Insight Writing Prize, University of Edinburgh Economics Magazine

PhD in Economic Sciences, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

MA International Economics, Berlin School of Economics & Law

MA Economic Analysis & Policy, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

MA (Hons) Economics, University of Edinburgh

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